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Gain an Information Advantage with customer journey insights

Overview of Core Experience Insights event tracking and customer journey mapping SaaS application for Customer Experience Management

What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map shows the many touchpoints and channels in which customers interact with the marketing content that makes up the customer experience. Capturing event data from interactions across web, social, mobile, email, call centers, forms and surveys, offers marketers greater insight and understanding into their campaigns. The customer journey map shows how customers are interacting with campaigns at each touchpoint to reveal customer behavior. Marketers are then equipped with the insight and tools to continuously improve campaigns for better customer experiences.

Core Experience Insights overview

OpenText Core Experience Insights allows organizations to map customer journeys and track customer activity for every event, across all customer journey touchpoints. The solution helps identify which events are working and which need improvement.

A native SaaS application, Core Experience Insights captures the customer event data, from any channel, application or device. Core Experience Insights dashboards and reports show how marketing efforts are performing, across the entire customer journey providing insights on effective interactions. And, by storing data, the solution offers a historical view in addition to current reports for insight into the customer journey over time.

Core Experience Insights lets marketers manage and establish great marketing moments in a customer journey to increase customer engagement, improve communication with constituents and impact productivity, growth and revenue.

Core Experience Insights features

  • Collect and store customer interaction and event data

    Captures and tracks event data from any channel, application and data source and integrates the data stream with an adaptive data schema.

  • Specify data sets

    Uses a wizard-like process to identify a sequence of customer interactions using data set with the selected customer events, business rules and associated dashboards related to the journey.

  • Adaptive schema

    Allows data from all the different sources to be organized and used to create data sets, track interactions and create data visualizations. Offers schema management to allow users to modify the schema.

  • Map the customer journey

    Intuitively maps events along a customer journey from different channels and applications to show customer interactions over time. Uses marketing and segmentation data for custom profiles and journey maps.

  • Monitor and view the customer journey

    Continuously monitors how journey interactions are performing to allow users to quickly adjust to optimize the journey.

  • Integration with OpenText Experience applications

    Integrates with OpenText? TeamSite? out-of-the-box to easily collect and track event data and add value.

  • Segment customers

    Uses labels to segment customers based on behaviors, such as “abandoned form” or “visited landing page” and specifically targets the identified customer segment with a new communication or campaign based on their previous actions.

  • Custom analysis

    Provides more granular analysis of customer data, allowing users to drill down by country, region, city and postal code, for example. Displays results in charts and graphs with a simple click or custom reports.

Core Experience Insights benefits

  • Artificial intelligence

    Utilize artificial intelligence for key analysis and insights into customer journey interactions to collect and analyze data in a central hub across marketing content, applications, channels and devices.

  • Visualize the customer journey

    Leverage a comprehensive view of events and touchpoints to gauge campaign performance and make adjustments to meet marketing goals.

  • Manage the entire customer lifecycle

    Manage the customer journey throughout the entire lifecycle, from engaging with the customer to buy through to driving customer retention with greater satisfaction.

  • Easy to deploy and use

    Employ a simple process with pull-down menus, pre-populated with the data and sources being tracked by the system, to create comprehensive and successful customer journeys—without a data science degree.

  • Native SaaS application

    Get up and running quickly with a cloud-based SaaS application.

Learn more about Core Experience Insights

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    Move the needle with OpenText Customer Experience Insights

    Journey mapping helps your organization become more customer-centric.

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    OpenText Core Experience Insights

    Learn more about OpenText Core Experience Insights in this overview.

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OpenText Core Experience Insights captures Voice of the Customer (VOC) data from OpenText™ Explore.

Explore is a powerful analytics tool that analyzes call center recordings and chat sessions. It combines this with behavioral data from social media, worldwide blogs, web forums and news coverage and dynamically mines the data for underlying meaning.

Data from Explore, combined with Core Experience Insights’ capabilities to track customer interactions, journey mapping and dashboards, provides a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the customer.