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Ensure business continuity and
overcome supply chain disruption

Get the Gartner report

A guide to managing the global crisis

The Coronavirus outbreak is a reminder of the interconnected nature of global supply chains, and how easily they can be disrupted. Gartner has issued a report which we believe will help business leaders deal with the crisis and future disruptive events.

Learn how to respond to today’s crisis, prepare for recovery and increase resilience. The report includes:

  • Analysis of recent impacts on business continuity
  • Recommended short- and long-term actions for CIOs
  • Advice on how to plan for future supply chain risk

OpenText is here to help in times of crisis. Read the report to find out how to minimize disruption to your supply chain.

1 Gartner, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: Short- and Long Term Actions for CIOs, Sandy Shen, Owen Chen, Julian Sun, Lily Mok, Arnold Gao, Deacon D.K Wan, 4 March 2020